On November 9th the classes IIIASIA and VASIA, accompanied by the teachers Magalì, Dobladez, Lulli, Mauro and Saracini went to the restaurant Hard Rock Cafè, where we met our local guide.The restaurant has some t-shirts on sale. In this outstanding venue you can also find some statues and memorabilia , each with a different story behind . There are approximately 80.000 pieces and there are a lot of  Hard Rock Cafes in the world; this picture shows some of these interesting collectibles.

After a while the guide took us to the  room full of memorabilia and he explained to us a bit of the history about the Hard Rock Café in English, letting us listen to some old rock music after the instructive explanation. It was really cool! Then we had a break,  moving  around the restaurant to look at  the spectacular memorabilia. Meanwhile the teachers Cardone e Rappa also came,  so afterwards  we took a picture together.

Finally we also got a sort of qualification for being there.

Last but not least,  we ate some of their hamburgers that they selected for us before the school trip. We could have chosen between a Hard Rock cheeseburger, a veggie burger, a grilled chicken sandwich and a grilled chicken Caesar salad,  all of this came with French fries and a drink of our choice, but there are obviously more options on the actual menu.

It  was a very interesting visit and we had a lot of fun!

Ilaria Brozi